The Wandelgids/Walking Guide is created to accompany the second edition of Publiek Park, whick took place in Antwerp in 2023. Following the walking route of the exhibition in word and image, the publication invites you to delve deeper into the stories that parks hold. Historical narratives are interwoven with the reflections of contemporary thinkers and artists, revealing the green space in its full complexity and highlighting its importance in the everyday life of urban dwellers.

The historical research was overseen and written by the art historian Gertjan Oskar with the assistance of Annelies Clerix. In addition to that, the authors Laura Herman, Sophia Holst, Kopano Maroga, Janno Martens and Bart Tritsmans, dived deeper into the architectural, historical, social and cultural significance of the parks today. Their voices range from academic, to personal and poetic, providing a multifaceted exploration that captures the essence of these urban spaces. Integrated into the walk, you will come across the visual contributions of the artists participating in this year's Publiek Park, as well as images revealing the past and capturing present of the parks.

Language: Dutch and English
Concept: Jef Declercq, Anna Laganovska, Koi Persyn, Adriënne van der Werf
Editing: Anna Laganovska
Editorial advice: Samuel Saelemakers
Design: Victor Verhelst
Photography: Michiel de Cleene

Print run: 600
ISBN: 9789464775402

This publication was made possible with the support of Kunst in de Stad – Middelheim Museum and the Flemish government.

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